Our galaxy’s position in the cosmos

Since the gradual passage of our galaxy through the photon rings of Alcyone, the multiple star located in the Taurus constellation and the brightest of the Pleiades, also known as the “central sun of our galaxy”, our beautiful earth and its inhabitants have been receiving showers of highly vibratory photons carried by photonic plasma.


You will find many different articles in Internet about this topic if you want to know more !


To sum up, and to make the link with SOLARIS training

This transmutation and reactivation of crystalline DNA (currently dormant parts), and therefore of gigantic human potential, will not happen without human commitment to an active awakening of consciousness. Of course, vibrations are rising on their own, but transmutation will take place if human beings consciously and actively align themselves with the trajectories of light frequencies and act accordingly.

SOLARIS training aims to accompany you in this commitment and support you on the path of energetic and frequency transformation for those who hear their soul’s call clearly!

This is my mission for this transition… the gifts I have allowed to manifest are in alignment with the needs of this fascinating time! My creations are a clear expression of this.

I thank the ascended masters and the Hathors (galactic people who master ascension technology) for teaching me in the humility of the invisible.

I look forward to the honor of guiding you!

Into the light!