Certification training

become an energy healer of ascensional vibratory energy technologies

Are you a person with high vibrational potential who wants to fly off into the new world? You've come to the right place at the right time!

This training will propel your sacred gifts and your soul mission, as well as certifying you as a "AVET energy healer" according to the method that unites spirituality and quantum physics. The Quantum Creator™ Golden Volumes Teachings method - the union between spirituality and quantum physics - aims to guide you individually, according to your needs and at your own pace, on the path to awakening and ascended consciousness in the energetic, quantum and crystalline flow of the Aquarian Age. Its vocation is to guide you towards your energetic alignment, so that you can become an actor in the vibratory transition we are experiencing!

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Training courses

Let there be light!

I put my gifts at the service of the spiritual development of humans and humanity. What's special about my gifts is that they are linked to the energy of the heart. So it's with great pleasure that I accompany you towards your vibratory alignment through the different dimensions of my training courses!

Quantum leap in consciousness - Let's think "Vibrations that connect"!

New Earth: "If we think about the possible connection between quantum physics and spirituality, we can see that spirit would no longer be that accidental intruder in the realm of matter: rather, it would rise as a creative entity and rule that realm. R.C. Henry "The Mental Universe
Quantum physics shows us that beyond the tangible and the material, there is the atom and energy.

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The quality of our deepest values is reflected in all our relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, with others, with nature, with money, with animals, with children and so on.


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